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God’s grace that we have been able to set quality products and technology, meet the needs of farmers and craftsmen’s you that.


No. 343, Alley Fakhraei, opposite the National Bank, South Saadi , Tehran, Iran



+982133941197 ، +982133960039

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Saturday to Wednesday: 17:00-9:00
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The shop is closed on Fridays.

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South Saadi, opposite the National Bank, Alley Fakhraei, No. 343

phone : 36613502-021

021-33941197 ، 021-33960039

021-33935279 ، 021-33960040

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Kian pump Behsa

Kian pump BEHSA (founded 1370 registration number 123456) has over thirty years of experience in providing equipment and agricultural machinery, equipment and buildings.The company is specialized in the late nineties to provide the best brands in the world and sells products in the field of agriculture, Structural and industrial, and to make history and .provide super quality, could be the best market vendors.

تماس با مشاوران